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Claims Pending in Litigation

Case Jurisdiction/Adversary Number Status
Segner v. Cianna Resources, Inc. US District Court - Northern District of Texas / 3:12-CV-01318-B The jury trial with Cianna Resources ended on March 28, 2018.  The Trustee proved his prima facie case and damages of $21.7 million dollars through Court proceedings, but Cianna Resources obtained a favorable jury verdict on its affirmative defense to liability.  The Trustee has appealed that verdict to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. 

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the Trial Court's ruling in the Cianna case, but stated they believed "the business practices employed here appear ill-advised and sloppy, if not shady, and likely were strongly motivated by self-interest and a "limited-time" profit opportunity."

Consequently, the PR Liquidating Trust is filing an Application for Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court requesting a full hearing on the proceedings in all of the lower courts. The Application for this Writ is due on December 17, 2019 and will be timely filed.

We will continue to keep you updated.